Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday's Best

Today we went to church. Both of the kids were super excited because they were wearing new outfits. Madison wore a new dress that my parents found for her and Hudson (who is 21 months old today) was wearing a sweet hand-me-down sweater (oh how we love our hand-me-downs). :)

After church we came home and listened to Christmas music, ate lunch, read a few stories, went to the park, and then the kids went down for quiet time. Once they were up, we went for a walk/run (about 5.5 miles). It is so cute watching the kids interact with each other while they are in the stroller and I'm exercising! They just love each other so much! It makes my heart swell with joy to see their bond!

One last fun/cute thing that happened today was while Hudson was in the bath tub! I was taking advantage of him being occupied to start getting Madison's stuff ready for school tomorrow. I walked by the bathroom carrying Madison's backpack and he looked right at it and pointed and said, "back pack" as clear as day! I didn't even know he knew what a back pack was, let alone knew how to say it. Now I wonder how many other things he's been holding out on me. My phone was charging b/c it was basically dead (from my walk where we were using my Nike app and listening to music) so I wasn't able to take a video of him saying it, but he kept saying it. Madison, the sweet big sister that she is, kept praising him for doing such a good job "using his words."

I love my kiddos and today just added more reasons as to why I love them so very much!!!!!! They make my heart happy!!!! I thank God every day for these two sweet, wonderful blessings He's allowed me the privilege to the mother of. I have learned more from being the mother of these two than I have any other time (I will post on that in a separate post some time).

Hope you all had a beautiful Sunday and that you're ready for the week ahead!

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