Monday, November 12, 2012

My Big Helper

Today I had such a lovely day with Madison. She has been such a HUGE help to me since Alex has been gone.

This morning, Hudson woke up at a ridiculously early time. I think he must have had a nightmare, and then just couldn't go back to sleep because he woke up crying. Of course it was at a time where he'd slept long enough that his body thought it was time to get up, but not long enough to be in a good mood. Anyone else ever have kids that wake up in that in between hour?!? Anyway, I was so tired and Madison was such a help. She played with Hudson this morning and helped entertain him so that he wouldn't be so crabby!

She also was a huge help tonight while I was making dinner! Hudson, my little foodie, has a hard time being patient when he sees me cooking because he just wants to eat, eat, eat! Anyway, tonight I was making a meal for some friends and Madison was so sweet. Without me even asking, she helped him be distracted and she even brought some of her toys out from her room to share with him. She followed it up by saying, "These are toys that Hudson doesn't see all of the time, so maybe they will keep him entertained longer." I love it, already thinking like a little mommy! She is such an amazing big sister!

Because Madison was such a big helper today, I caved in and gave her, her new pair of Christmas jammies early and of course, she wanted to wear them tonight. She also wanted to take a picture so that Daddy could see them. Here is her picture, sassiness and all :)

And now, I'm off to go watch my DVR'd movie: The Notebook. Now, I have this DVD, but this particular version that I DVR'd was being advertised as the first time release of the movie with an extra 10 minutes of deleted scenes! I am so excited to see the new scenes! :)

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