Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pictures from Alex's Deployment

The other day, Alex was able to send me some pictures he's taken while he's been deployed. He's only allowed to take his camera into certain areas because where he works is classified, but he was able to take some pictures of where he's been living. There are also a few good ones from Kuwait when he was waiting to make it to Afghanistan! I am posting the captions Alex typed out and sent me!

"This is a picture of the C-17 that we took from Kuwait to Afghanistan, parked on the tarmac at Bagram Air Base while we stopped there."  

"This is a picture of what McDonalds looks like in Kuwait."  

"This one is my can (his living quarters), in case you couldn't tell!"

This is Alex somewhere outside on the base...his caption was more of a silly for me and didn't really explain much as to where he is or what is behind him, so I didn't post it.

"This is the a view of our living area, with the cans in the background and the shower trailers in the foreground."

"This is a picture of the sun setting over FOB Geronimo (in Nawa, Afghanistan)." 

"This is a picture of me at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Geronimo while I was doing my investigation there." 

"This is a picture of Camp Leatherneck a few days ago, after the clouds started rolling in and it started to get cold. "

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