Monday, November 05, 2012


Today I am going to write a post focusing on Hudson!

Hudson is such a sweet little boy! He really has such a sweet personality! I tell people all of the time that he is such a little rascal, but that he truly is just the sweetest little thing. He is such a little lover and cuddler!

Today, as we were leaving the YMCA, one of the child care workers told me that she just loves when Hudson is in there because he's such a sweet little boy and she said that he can always make her laugh. (I secretly think he's going to be the class clown someday...Mr. Personality). Then, as we were walking to the car, another lady stopped me and told me how striking Hudson was. She said he had the most gorgeous features (bright blonde hair,  blue eyes, tan skin, etc). She was enamored with him and just kept talking to me about him.

After we left the YMCA, we headed to the post office to mail Alex his next care package! Hudson was so excited. I told him we were mailing a package to daddy and the whole time we were waiting in line, he was shouting, "Da...Dada...Da." It was so cute! As a result of his talking, several different people struck up conversation with my sweet boy. They asked him if his daddy was in the military (he nodded his head). They asked him if he was mailing him a present (he nodded his head). They asked him if he was proud of daddy (he nodded his head). It's just amazing...everyone is drawn to my little monkey! Once everyone was done talking to him, he went back to saying, "Da...Dada...Da." He sure does love his daddy!

Earlier this evening, we had the chance to Face Time with Alex. The kids were finishing up dessert, but that didn't stop the fun of talking with daddy! Hudson kept calling for was so cute! Hudson is normally pretty patient and let's Madison talk to Alex and then just pops his head in, but tonight Hudson was definitely in need of some daddy time. He kept shouting for Alex when Madison would have the phone. When I brought the phone close to him, Hudson would smile. He would say "hi" and wave. He would blow kisses and lean his head in as if to hug Alex. Then when it was time to go, Hudson waved and said "Bye." It is truly a blessing to watch this sweet boy grow and to see the love he has for his daddy!

I know that God has big plans for this sweet boy because everywhere I go people are drawn to him, whether it's for the silly things he's doing, the sound of his laughter, his charming personality, or his physical appearance. I am so excited to see what God has in store for the little boy that has captured my heart!

PS~Don't forget to vote! Tomorrow is such an important day and every vote will count! Please make it a point to go out and vote and to encourage others to vote as well!

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