Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Wonderful Day

Today was a crazy day, but it was wonderful!

Before my day even started, I received a wonderful call from my dear friend Kristin, letting me know that she's praying for Madison and for just the whole process tomorrow. I love sweet, thoughtful phone calls and texts like that! Made my morning!

This morning I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off! I dropped Madison off at school and then I raced to Trader Joe's to do all of my Thanksgiving Day and other weekly shopping. Then I raced home and unloaded only the refrigerated stuff. Then, I raced to Subway to get myself and Madison sandwiches for "Eat a Picnic Lunch with her Kindergartner Day" at her school! Once I was done at Subway, Hudson and I raced to Madison's school and then we found Madison and ate lunch with her.

After lunch was over we had to zip home and then get Hudson in the stroller because we chose to walk to pick Madison up today since she won't be at school tomorrow! So, Hudson and I raced to meet Kristyle and Ashlynn and then we beat feet to the school. We made record time! :)

When we got to the school, the kids were all coming out in their cute Pilgrim Costumes that they'd made. Here is reason #3003 that I love Mr. Ray. Madison was super bummed that she was going to be missing finishing her Pilgrim Costume tomorrow because of her surgery, so Mr. Ray let the whole class work on them today and finish them today. Isn't that sweet!?!

After we arrived back home, I put Hudson down for a nap (boy did he ever need it today)! Madison and I hung out for a little bit and then she went into her quiet time! Then, I finished unloading all of the other groceries from Trader Joe's. I unloaded the dishwasher, and ran a load of laundry! Whew! Then, finally, I had a moment to myself and was able to sit down and take a short break. :)

Some other fun things that happened today were:

1. My friend, Jess, dropped off the cutest little gift for Madison for after her surgery tomorrow!

2. My Country Ham that I ordered from the Loveless Cafe (in Tennessee), arrived today. I have grown up having true Country Ham with all of the Holidays because my Great Aunt used to send it to us all of the time. Well, when we went back to Tennessee, a little over a year ago, we were introduced to the Loveless Cafe and their country ham...ever since I now order my Country Ham from them each holiday and we enjoy it in our traditional breakfast sandwiches :)

3. My recent book purchase from Amazon arrived today! I can't wait to read it. I think I'm going to take it with me to the hospital tomorrow! It came highly recommended on a blog that I regularly follow, Women Living Well.

4. Emma called me and told me that Madison has a sweet little "friend" on the way. :) I just know Madison is going to love it, when it arrives!

I am just truly touched by all of the thoughtfulness that people are pouring over us with Madison's surgery tomorrow! I just ask for prayers that Madison doesn't have any adverse reactions to general anesthesia. Until tomorrow...

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